Our Story

Simply Venom is skincare rethought.

We believe in simplicity, transparency, and ingredients that make your skin look and feel rejuvenated. Why? Because you deserve to have great skin that doesn't require great hassle or expense. For us, creating Simply Venom became a necessity. We've searched high and low for a brand that stood for truth and performed with power and after little to no luck, we decided to develop it ourselves.

Formulated with you in mind, our creams aim to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but most importantly, make you feel confident in your skin.

Meet Us

Dr. Monica Lilore and Dr. Milija Milic

As anesthesiologists many of our friends were constantly asking us. "You work with needles... can you just inject my wrinkles away?" That's why we decided to develop Simply Venom, a skincare line created to work as a topical alternative to injectables.

What do anesthesiologists know about skincare?

We understand relaxation.

While there are many good dermatologist brands out there, as anesthesiologists we have a unique approach. Our day (and sometimes late into night) job is full of urgency and intensity to keep our patients safe. Anesthesiology is about understanding how to relax muscles, which is especially helpful when applied to the relaxation of facial muscles that cause wrinkles in your skin.

What makes Simply Venom different?

We encourage you to be curious.

Most skincare brands don't share the percentage of active ingredients in their products? Brands may list their ingredients but are not required to tell you how much of each ingredient is actually in the bottle. That doesn't seem very transparent to us... It's important to us that you know exactly what you're getting in our product and why we chose each specific ingredient.

Why Venom?

Snakes are our muse.

We were intrigued by the venom of the Temple Viper Snake, legendary for stilling muscle movement. We began to draw inspiration from this incredible defense mechanism within nature. In the lab we created a formulation that could safely mimic the relaxing effect in a topical application.

So why not use injectables?

While effective, they still pose risks.

Many of our friends and family love to use injectables regularly... However, we noticed some people found the process to be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention the risk of potential side effects and fear of needles. We hoped to create an alternative for those who want great skin at a lower cost and with less risk.