Simply Venom was developed by Dr. Monica Lilore and Dr. Milija Milic, anesthesiologists with over 35 years of combined medical expertise, and highly skilled in the use of muscle relaxants. Seeing a need for a non-invasive anti-aging solution, and intrigued by the power of the Temple Viper Snake’s venom — legendary for stilling the movement of muscles — the doctors experimented with synthetic ingredients that would safely mimic the effect in a topical application.

Working closely with a homeopathic compounding pharmacist, their research and experimentation led to the creation of Simply Venom™ Skincare. Simply Venom™ Day and Simply Venom™ Night Creams contain innovative, clinically studied ingredients that deliver similar effects of medical-grade injectables without the risk.

Proprietary SYNOX-MD™ technology features a PYF Liposomal Delivery System with a combination of tripeptide actives that exhibits properties similar to the infamous venom of the Temple Viper snake. Supported by PYF (purified yeast ferment), it is a remarkably thorough delivery structure that enhances penetration of the actives for superior results, with proven anti-wrinkle, firming, collagen- forming, and hydrating skin properties.

Counter to standard practices in the skincare industry, Simply Venom™ is completely transparent in listing the concentrations of every active ingredient in its formulas, providing an unparalleled level of consumer confidence. While most anti-aging skincare products only include a very small percentage of expensive peptide actives, Simply Venom™ products are formulated at clinically recommended levels.